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California Family Portrait Session // Mothers Day Gift

A few months ago and old friend and wedding client, Greg, asked me if I would do a surprise Mother’s Day shoot with Caitlin, Milo and him. I was ecstatic about the idea! So we scheduled it for sunset on Mother’s Day and when I walked up to the house Caitlin FLIPPED OUT! When she found out were were doing a family session she was in awe of her sweet husbands planning and forethought. As we walked around Golden Gate Park, the rich green nasturtium and blooming lilies all around us, we captured moments that this new family will cherish for the rest of their lives. What a joy and an honor to be the artist behind this heirloom work.

Thank for for this beautiful shoot my dear friends!

Two Moon Photography Featured on Mandala Weddings -- California

We are honored to be featured on the Mandala Weddings website for the stunning union of Shubhi and Dan!

Theirs was a gorgeous two day affair, marked by great artisans creating a beautiful setting, dear loved ones together in joy, honor, ritual and celebration. From the Mandala Blog:


We love seeing brides and grooms keeping cultural traditions alive to celebrate their wedding day! This wedding displayed how to balance a modern touch on traditions.

The wedding was hosted at the Rancho Las Lomas, a private estate in southern California that is full of beautiful gardens. Both the ceremony and reception took place in El Teatro, which is an open-air theatre under oak and sycamore trees. El Teatro served as a perfect space for the traditional ceremony which then transitioned to the reception area. To add color and style to the stage area, the top was full of greenery and peachy tones that matched the vibrant dresses of the bride and bridesmaids. The Italian Ruscus overflowed from the top as peach, and purple roses along with white Proteas accentuated the vibrant colors. At the bottom lay golden, vases that overflowed with florals that resembled the vibrant arch. It was full of greenery along with Snapdragons, Roses, and Proteas. This floral style was also displayed in the bridesmaid’s bouquets that had peach and purple tones. Meanwhile, the bride’s bouquet was full of white florals that complimented her traditional vibrant wedding dress.

For the reception, tables were decorated with golden vintage details. Vintage frames were used for table numbers, as golden candles lit up the evening. The tables were adorned with floral arrangements that were full of vibrant florals on top of golden lamps. This beautiful wedding was designed beautifully by Cortney Helaine Weddings. With so many touches throughout the ceremony and reception, it truly was a gorgeous vibrant wedding.”

Hope you will check out the feature!

I’ve posted a few images below.

With Love,

Natalja + Two Moon Photography

Tuesday Together in the Clouds!

Hello Friends! 

Today is the second Tuesday of the month which means us bad-ass, LA wedding vendors round up to talk shop, have a few giggles and hang out in the clouds. This month we had the privilege of using the top floor of the South Park Center in down town L.A. Tuesday Together was originally set up by the Rising Tide Society, who's objective is the build community over competition -- good call right!?!? Cheers to a wonderful meet up and conversation this morning! 

Thanks to Abby Borden of Table Set Go, LLC and Renee Scotti Dalo of Moxie Bright Events for setting up a spectacular Tuesday morning get-down! 



A quick Jaunt to Rome!

Hello Dear Ones! 

This April, I had the special honor of taking an art and architecture pilgrimage to Rome. My days were filled with wandering around the deeply historied passageways, tip-toeing through ancient ruins, languoring in chappels and galleries, having afternoon coffee in open air cafes, being present in one center of thousands of years of art. I took so so many photos ... and have a few to share with you here! I hope you enjoy my little journey through these photos! 

Point Dume, Malibu -- California Engagement

Last weekend in Malibu I caught up with Tara and Arley just a few weeks after they decided to tie the knot. Point Dume State Beach in Maibu is one of their favorite Sunday outings so we decided to make an evening of it on film. These super playful sweethearts were such a trip to photograph. Congratulations to them and their journey ahead! 

LoveSpell Collective Showing Us a Great Time At Toasted Wedding Fair, LA -- California

Last Thursday LoveSpell Collective teamed up with Toasted LA to put together a super fun, indie wedding fair at Ruby Street in Highland Park, LA. LoveSpell went above and beyond -- designed invitations, created table settings, made beautiful circular floral installations, even hand wrapped sage smudge sticks...not to mention the three model brides! It was a total trip and I was psyched to drop by and document the event for them. They are a dream team of ladies making all of your wedding planning visions come true. All of the great vendors in the below photos are listed below. Hope you enjoy these dreamy wedding ideas! 


Space: The Ruby Street -- Florals/Event Planning: Love Spell Collective -- First bridal dress by: Dolly Couture -- Appetizers by: Casa -- Boho setting: Free Spirit -- DJ: DJ Maasha -- Baked goods: Broadway Baker -- Accessories: The Blushing Bird


Exploring the Ethereal Afternoon Glow

Taking some time to explore the glowing, evening light that falls into my studio. 


Ethereal and fleeting colors of shifting light. 

A Response to Executive Orders of Exclusion: We Are Strong + We Are Many

Future Leaders of America Getting Down! 

Future Leaders of America Getting Down! 

I've been thinking a great deal about how lucky I am to have been born in U.S. territory when my immigrant mother had just returned from a long stay in her homeland of Czechoslovakia. It’s been a time of meditation on all of the privileges my dual citizenship has afforded me and that the color of my skin (white) has allowed me to blend in to the American status quo my entire life. No one ever asked me where I was born or what country my family immigrated from – I was always free to discuss or hide that part of myself depending on the environment.


These days, I see the tenuous calls for solidarity of my first generation neighbors from childhood – Iranian, El Salvadorian, Pakistani, Vietnamese, Lebanese. I see some of them posting pleas and instructions for their friends and family in case they are stopped in airports or on the street. I watch as they delete their Facebook and Instagram accounts in fear of having Green Cards or naturalized citizenship revoked. I listen in support and presence to their needs, and often feel powerless to stop the changes that are affecting them.


My mother left Czechoslovakia -- an oppressive communist state-- knowing that if she stayed a very hard life was ahead of her.  Some of her artist peers had fled through political asylum, though the most stable exit route was via marriage. Luckily, she met an American with whom she fell in love, got married and had my brother. She was afforded her exit from that declining, fear-driven climate. After over 20 years in the states my mother kept her Green Card until her work as an engineer brought her to the Pentagon where they insisted she fulfill her U.S. citizenship for special access. She had refused for so many years due to the interview process being so personal as to ask her about her sexual preferences. What did it matter who she was attracted to? For some reason it mattered to the U.S. citizenship panel. If she was put through such embarrassing and grueling questioning, what have others experienced? In addition she had to forfeit her own passport, no longer a citizen to the land she was born. I can only speak to my mothers experience but I can see—with the new executive orders being passed -- things are getting much harder for those not born on this soil. Things are getting harder for people of color, indigenous peoples and for women. And it’s frightening.


So my response is to cultivate love and strength.


I take deep pride in my cultural heritage and I greatly revere all of the inspiring immigrant and first generation Americans I've had the privilege of working with. The union of two souls is an incredibly personal and vulnerable time. It is filled with tradition, ritual, honor, ancestry, deeply held values, and the creative now. A wedding is a day for all of the family members to gather and offer myriad blessings to their beloved. A sensitive and tender place. It is a space where I gather my best talents and creative abilities to support my couples by building a stellar photographic document of their monumental time. I look forward to providing my support, love and respect to all of my couples in 2017 – for everyone deserves beauty, ease and wellbeing. I look forward to continually supporting the wealth of diversity this great earth holds, and know that no political moment can change how strong we are together and how vast our roots reach. 


With Love,



Wedding Wire Couple's Choice 2017 Winner!

Happy to announce Two Moon is one of the top 5% of wedding professionals chosen by wedding wire couples for 2017! Thanks so much for all of the incredible memories. I'm am honored to be a part of all of my clients fantastic and deeply moving unions. Thank you! 

Kate Jones in the Golden, California Glow

My dreamy pal Kate Jones, a gifted musician came by the studio last week. What a treat to span a little time and talk about life, politics, Los Angeles and our experiences. It's a wild time and talking with gentle friends is deeply soothing to my heart. And that she was game to catch a little of the golden, afternoon light with me shooting film was an additional treat. Thanks Kate, you are a shooting star! 

California Wedding Photography Jones2
California Wedding Photography Jones1
California Wedding Photography Jones3
California Wedding Photography Jones5
California Wedding Photography Jones6
California Wedding Photography Jones7
California Wedding Photography Jones9

Happy Birthday to this Moving Spirit -- Martin Luther King Jr.

To a great leader of nonviolence in the Civil Rights Movement; I'd like to take a moment to thank for you for all of your work and dedication to change in a country riddled with inequality. You strived for a shift in consciousness and the momentum you fostered so many years ago is still vital today. We hold your loved ones and movement collaborators in our hears on this day of remembrance.

In a moment of change and uncertainty we look to your leadership and teachings to help us move through and stand up for our beliefs. I'd like to additionally thank Congressman John Lewis and his continued efforts. There is a need for our voices of dissent to be heard, and I am thankful for these leaders who create spaces for all Americans to do so. 

On this day, the nation celebrates the birth of a true leader,  Martin Luther King Jr. -- we honor and thank you for your service. 

Two Moon Shoots Band Pics in Support of Ladies Rock Camp

We had a super fun time last weekend coming out to Ladies Rock Camp and shooting band portraits. If you don't know about ladies rock camp you've got to check it out! It's a weekend long camp for women who get to come and learn an instrument of their choice in the comfort of an all female environment. The teachers, workshop facilitators, lunch time performances and volunteers are all women musicians ready to guide and lend a hand. Over the course of three days the participants learn an instrument, form a band and write a song! On the last day they get to perform at a rock venue. It's super empowering on all levels and I always walk away feeling like the world is a better place for it. 

The proceeds from ladies rock camp go to giving scholarships to children in need to attend the week long Girls Rock Camp.

Here are some of the fun band photos from right before their first gig ever! 


C + J's Wonderland Loft Wedding

The Metropolitan Building in Queens is a real trip. Around every turn are collections of victorian lamps, cracking mirrors and walls of velour chaise lounges. The setting fit the couple beautifully; warm, inviting, creative and fun. Thanks Colleen and Joe for an incredible day! 

Wedding Invites and Excitement in the Air!

This is the time of year when the beautiful art rolls in via mail and I'm getting super jazzed about all the wonderful photos I'm taking and working on. Here are a few fun items that have swooped into my mailbox in the last few weeks: