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Hello Two Moon readers! I'm happy to announce a photo slide show of my work in the Providence Phoenix this week. The editor of the paper, Philip Eil and I went sailing with Operation Landfall, David Gracer and Trip Wolfskehl. They plan on sailing to 50 islands in Rhode Island this summer. We found some amazing treasures on Walker Island. Check out the slideshow linked below for the photographs from our journey! Be sure to read the article too!

Operation Landfall in the Providence Phoenix

Pride 2013 Photobooth! -- Marriage Equality Providence -- Gay Marriage -- Photography

Featuring Ladyfingers Letterpress and Two Moon Photography! Thanks for coming by and partying with us!!!

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August 1st, Weddings at midnight!

Hello RI lovers! We heard Angel Taveras, Mayor or Providence, mention at a conference last week that he was working to open up the statehouse at midnight on August first for same sex marriages.

We'll keep you updated!


Two Moon!

Arthi and Izzy

by ryan 2


Here we are!!  Arthi and Izzy-- 

While we were photographing at the RI State House a couple weeks ago, documenting the Senate passing the marriage bill, our pal Ryan Conaty took this photo of us.   It's not often that we're the ones in the photos, of course, but we want you to know who we are.

We love what we do.  Photographing gets us right into the emotion, intensity, joy, and love of every interaction we document.  Photographing lets us frame the stories that unfold before us, and present them to our viewers.  After a long day, we are worn, but we think that's a good sign of the heart we've put in to our work.

Marriage Equality comes to Rhode Island!

At last! Congratulations, Rhode Island, for achieving marriage equality in our state.  It's been a long time coming; and, thanks to many dedicated individuals and an enormous community effort, you did it.

For many, this has been the issue you've fought for over decades.  For others, you've come into the efforts recently.  For everyone involved, you've poured your hearts into convincing minds and changing beliefs to bring truth and equality forward.  In all of this, my thoughts keep coming back to the youth of Rhode Island.  You've made sure that young people can grow up knowing that they can choose to marry, or not marry, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.  We think that's a big deal.

Cheers, lil' Rhodie.  Two Moon can't wait to photograph your love.

photocrati gallery

The greatest of these is love: Marriage Equality on its way as SB38 Passes in RI Senate -- We can't wait to photograph your love.

On Wednesday, April 24th, Senator Donna Nesselbush presented SB38 (Persons eligible to marry) to the Rhode Island Senate.  The bill had just weeks before come out of the Senate judiciary committee, after much debate and heartfelt testimony.  Rhode Island LGBT advocates have been trying to achieve marriage equality for almost 20 years.  Efforts have, year-after-year, been stifled by legislative and religious blocks.  Moving this legislation forward required elected officials to challenge some deeply-held beliefs, listen to their constituents, and, as sixth-grader Matthew Lannon put it, "choose love." The discussion on the Senate floor demonstrated these challenges.  Senator Elizabeth Crawley (D-Central Falls, Pawtucket) said, "There were three things that Jesus said in the Bible: faith, hope and love, and that the greatest of those is love... I did not decide, until today, how I was going to vote, right up until this morning, but I've done it through a lot of research...  And, as a city clerk for 40 years, I went and I gave out marriage licenses... You're married when you go to that City Hall and you get that piece of paper.  And that is a civil issue, it is not a sacramental issue."

Maryellen Goodwin (D-Providence) spoke about her pride in being a practicing Catholic and her struggle with voting on the issue of marriage.  "...What did help [me decide] was the same-sex couples who came to my office and shared their beautiful stories...  And one couple talked about a plaque that they had in their home growing up; and, ironically, I had the very same plaque in my very Catholic home... and it read, 'faith, hope and love.'  And the greatest of these is love."

Both of these Senators, along with 24 others, voted in favor of SB38.  The bill passed.   It will go back to the House of Representatives, and is expected to quickly move to Governor Chafee and be signed into law.  Same-sex marriage would go into effect on August 1st, 2013.

Many organizers and advocates deserve high praise for their tenacity and dedication not just for advancing the marriage equality legislation, but for challenging fundamental beliefs.  You changed hearts and minds to advance love and faith, and we are overjoyed.

The most wonderful aspect of photographing people is opening your heart to connect with their emotions and experience.  Here's a look at some of the hundreds who gathered at the Rhode Island Statehouse for the Senate vote on Wednesday, April 24th 2013. photocrati gallery

Providence Rally: Cluck


Sunday April 14, 2013 over a hundred neighbors gathered to support the opening of Cluck, a new urban garden supply store.

Business owner Drake Pattan ran into problems opening the location, due to what is listed as legal notification errors. A few heartfelt speakers voiced their belief in the store opening including Adlers Hardware owner Harry Adler, City Council member Bryan Principe and handful of other area people. Mayor Angel Taveras was on site and the street was a buzz with support.

You can Contact Drake or visit the site:

Phone (401) 274-1160

Farm Day -- New England Photographer


Back in February, Peter Woods took Phil and I out to see Christin, BB and his idyllic farm in Oakland, California.

The day was so mild and beautiful, there were soft breezes of sage and sun-warmth.  We harvested beats, garlic and greens for a dinner feast.

Thanks again!!



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Scenes from the State House - SB38

Energy was high as people gathered both in support and against SB38 (An act relating to domestic relations-- persons eligible to marry).  Testimony ran late into the night.  Thanks to all who organized such a great representation of positive voices.  Here are some shots from around the State House as testimony began in the Senate judiciary committee on 3/21/13.photocrati gallery


Love this bouquet!!!

What a happy mix for an amazing Love Party!