For years I was a freelance photographer for local newspapers -- covering the passing of same sex marriage in the state house, local business profiles and activist’s protests. Soon I was asked to shoot larger events for the governor’s office, foundation’s galas, and fundraisers and I began to see how storytelling is a part of so many gatherings. So why not love parties? It was like a light went off in my head and weddings become an integral part of my practice. What a phenomenal shift to share in the joy, beauty and intimacy of each couple’s fantastic celebration -- while coming to it with a photojournalist’s craving for detail. It’s such a rich place of ritual and beauty -- all the makings of great art. I get a lot out of shooting weddings; it pushes me as a documentarian and an artist. I see light and I see love. And the places those come together are otherworldly. 

Photography has been my calling since I was very young. I went to a magnet school for photography in high school and learned how to pitch a news story, shoot portraits and build an ad campaign.  I photographed my first wedding on a medium format film camera when I was 17! Though I opted to go to art school and get more training before starting my business practice. In college, at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, I studied with world-renowned photojournalists, and dipped my toes into the art world.

I am based in Los Angeles, California and am booking into2018. Weddings shot in California, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and within 50 miles of New York City and Washington DC have no travel fee. If your wedding is outside these areas please be in touch, I love to travel and am happy to make it work. 

My lifestyle and wedding work has been featured in GQ magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Tom Tom Magazine, A Practical Wedding Blog, Phaidon's Ellsworth Kelly Monograph, Harvard Press, IO Donna Magazine, In Magazine and Visual Arts Journal. 

Currently I shoot on top of the line Canon, full frame, digital cameras with L series lenses and medium format Pentax 67 film camera. Feel free to ask me anything about my process, I’m an open book.

I consider giving back an integral part of my philosophy and business practice. Currently I donate to Girls Rock, a non-profit that empowers girls and women to play a new instrument, start a band, and build confidence.

I hope you will be in touch and I look forward to hearing about your plans for a smashing big day!  


-- Natalja Izzy